The Atikal Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization launched in 2010. We empower underserved communities through artistic expression, education and civic engagement. Our services help our clients heal, feel valued and to reclaim their personal power.

Love is the driving factor in all that we do, from multimedia productions to publications and art projects. All of our work, at its core, reminds people what it means to be loved and feel alive. Through love, faith, and laughter, we are able to unlock the doors to the hearts of those who have suffered so much, thus healing their past and finding strength for their future.


Service and Collaboration is the Name of Our Game.

We collaborate with other nonprofit, for-profit, and government organizations to serve and educate survivors. Through our partnerships, we have built a community that celebrates those who have lived through adversity and overcome.  Our community leads by example through serving.

Our collaboration philosophy centers around mutually beneficial partnerships. which consists of:

  • creating experiences full of laughter and compassion,
  • addressing issues in artistic ways,
  • building many networks within the community,
  • serving the people who truly need it most.

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Our Money Is Where Our Mouth Is!

Our organization is supported through sponsorship and private donors. 70% of our revenue comes from the sales and sponsorship of our annual signature calendars and 30% from donations….and YES, 100% of all funds raised support our programs and events.



Proceeds from Calendar Sales


Proceeds from Donations


Proceeds Allocated to Programs

We envision a world where people are empowered to
live their truth through love, faith, laughter, and artistic expression.

Our Mission:

To enrich lives in underserved communities by promoting economic self-sufficiency, community involvement and personal empowerment.

Our Approach:

Expression – Through artistic expression, we are able to identify the root cause of a problem and begin the healing process.

Education – Understanding how to move beyond the trauma is critical in helping survivors develop solutions for a better tomorrow.

Engagement – Being fully present in the process allows people to heal their past and find strength for their future.

  1. Transformative Expression
    We believe that art gives people the freedom, tools, and strength to express their inner truths.
  2. Empowerment
    We believe in inspiring people to reclaim their personal power through education, sharing experiences, and deep connection.
  3. Collaboration
    We believe in facilitating collaboration between our stakeholders, partners and their networks to build a resilient community.
  4. Community
    We believe in positively impacting society through fostering relationships, creating safe spaces and serving one another.
  5. Love
    We believe in love that builds trust, encourages hope, transforms lives, and serves in faith.
  1. The Daily Record’s Leading Women Award
  2. PGSIF’s 40 Under Forty Award
  3. Cadillac’s Community Service Award
  4. PGCAC Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Fortitude Image Award
  5. Proclamation and Acknowledgement of Service from Prince George’s County Executive, Rushern Baker

Beauty Partners

Over 19 Partners and counting! We collaborate with other nonprofit, for-profit, and government organizations to serve, educate and celebrate survivors. Together, we are building resilient communities.

Raw Beauty Ambassadors

Raw Beauty Ambassadors are charged with sharing the spirit of Raw Beauty; but more importantly, they demonstrate resilience and are reclaiming their personal power! Our Survivors have freed themselves of fear, guilt and shame through sharing their journeys in a safe space created by the Atikal Foundation. Through their testimonies, others who are suffering in silence find hope and strength for their future.

People Impacted

Over 7,000 People Impacted Since 2011. Countless families and communities are experiencing healing, establishing healthy relationships, leading by example and coming together to create safe spaces.